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    Born in Houston Texas, I knew at a young age I would be leaving for unchartered territories. I did not realize the territory would be under water and my purpose would be to gain access to The Brainshift by way of the Dolphins!


    After college I moved to New York City where I had a career in music and art education. I lived in Brooklyn for many years working as a singer, vocal coach and arts educator. After some life changes I began to travel and change my lifestyle. I became a yoga and meditation teacher and developed The Brainshift Programs using the human body and voice as gateways to personal development & transformation.


    In 2014 after leaving Brooklyn and returning to Texas I was guided to connect with Dolphins in the wild. I met the Dolphins of Bimini in 2015. In 2016 I moved to South Beach Florida to be closer to Bimini. Now I facilitate others in The Brainshift by way of the Dolphins in the Bahamas and in online transformational programs and in workshops in South Beach and Miami FL, Costa Rica, New York, Austin, TX and anywhere I am called.

  • Bimini Bliss Dolphin Retreat

    The Bahamas

    All inclusive and exclusive small group experience

    Customized Program Dates Beginning March 2019

    Find your bliss ... Bimini Bliss Dolphin Retreat

    The Bahamas

    In the magnificent natural surroundings of this northern Bahamian island you will connect with wild Dolphins and vibrate into your inner bliss. Stunning video by Simply Captivating March 2018

    Known for healing energies ...

    Bimini is surrounded by crystal clear, turquoise and azure blue waters harboring legends of the lost Atlantis.


    In all encounters with the Dolphins we are committed to a minimal impact. Nothing is ever done to disrupt the natural life of the dolphins: no feeding, no chasing, no handling.

    Photo by Teresa Schoendorf

    Devotional Voices ...

    As human visitors in the domain of another species, the more relaxed, playful and connected we are as a group, the more the Dolphins will be attracted to come to us and be with us.


    Devotional Voices, an Open Heart and an Awakened State of Mind are the only enticements to be blessed with Dolphin encounters.


    Video by Teresa Schoendorf March 2018

    Bliss Brain ...

    In this retreat you will have the opportunity--as you wish -- to access your “Bliss Brain” with The Brainshift practices of Devotional Voices and Mind-body-Spirit practices in preparation to meet the Dolphins.


    The retreat group size is limited to allow for the best conditions to connect with the Dolphins and our inner bliss.

    Photo by Teresa Schoendorf

    Meeting Dolphins Eye to Eye ...

    The more relaxed, playful and connected we are, the more the Dolphins will want to be with us, connect with us, play with us.

    Photo by Simply Captivating

  • 4 Day Sample Itinerary

    Going with the flow is the island way. All boat excursions are weather dependent. Each day is subject to change. As guided by the needs of the group, we will gather in Connect Circles in preparation to meet the Dolphins and ourselves anew. All activities are optional.


    This is an all-inclusive, exclusive small group Dolphin swim experience like no other on the island. Due to the limited number of participants you will have an unparalleled experience meeting the Dolphins.


    Throughout the retreat you will have the choice to participate in guided practices to calm the mind and awaken playfulness and connection. The more we play and connect with each other the more the Dolphins will want to play with us.


    Breakfast and dinner are included. Other meals as noted.

    Day 1

    Travel to Bimini, The Bahamas -- Seaplane or Ferry Ride from Miami**

    • Arrive Bimini by Private Seaplane or Ferry to Bimini **
    • Get Settled into your room between Noon and 2 PM
    • Bimini Bliss Retreat Orientation
    • Beach time or Dolphin Trip 1*🐬
    • Dinner
    • Free Time/group check in/Connect Circle as requested

      Day 2 --wake up in Bliss in Bimini, The Bahamas

      • Breakfast
      • lunch on your own
      • Dolphin Trip 2*🐬
      • Free Time
      • Dinner
      • Free Time/group check in/Connect Circle as requested

      Day 3 -- wake up in Bliss in Bimini, The Bahamas

      • Breakfast
      • Free time
      • Lunch on your own/private sessions or book an extra boat excursion 🐬 or more island time
      • Dinner
      • Free Time/group check in/Connect Circle as requested

      Day 4 -- wake up in Bliss in Bimini, The Bahamas

      • Breakfast
      • Lunch on your own/Island beach time
      • Return to Miami 2 PM or 5 PM


      Bimini is full history and island lore. There are other types of boat excursions which can be booked separately. There are also private healing sessions available: Vocal Energy Activation, Frontal Lobe Hands On Activation, Reconnection Therapy & more. For those who want more Bimini Bliss after the retreat you may be able to extend your stay depending on availability.


      The menu includes healthy, delicious mostly vegan & vegetarian foods. Gluten-free options. Smoothies. Herbal teas. Fresh water. Some eggs and fish. You can also walk a minute down the road to sit at Ebby's by the water and have fresh seafood and a local brew.

      What is Included

      • 3 Night Accommodations: rooms are double occupancy or for a family of 3-4 (Cottage rooms all have queen bed plus single beds and private bath--great for couples, families and friends)
      • Daily breakfast and dinner
      • 2 Dolphin Boat trips*
      • Snorkel Equipment and life vests
      • Connect Circles As requested
      • Transfers to and from the Ferry or Seaplane in Bimini
      • Lots of great conversation and fun with humans and Dolphins!

      What is NOT included

      • Transportation to and from Miami
      • Seaplane R/T flight is $400 and Ferry R/T is $215.  Valid Passport needed. Some taxes/fees may be added. 
      • Lunches
      • Extra services and excursions
      • Tips for the boat guide and staff                                      

      What are Bliss Brain and Connect Circles?

      Bliss Brain is when you feel great, like on the best day of your life: joyful, confident, connected and clear. Can you recall a day or an event where you felt like this? Bliss Brain occurs when your brain waves change in a specific part of the brain. Connect Circles use techniques designed to activate this part of the brain as shown by scientific studies. Intentional sounding, focused breathing and body alignment also bring us into the present moment. Being fully present with the Dolphins amplifies the Bliss Brain state. Connect Circles shift our brain state and prepare us to be fully present with the Dolphins. Capturing observations in a journal is the best way to learn to access Bliss Brain on your own by noticing what, how and when you shift.

      Do I have to be a really good swimmer? 

      You do not need to be a very good swimmer, but you should be comfortable in the water. (This might not be the best time to try to overcome a crippling phobia of water, but anything short of that should be fine.) There are life vests for anyone who wants to use them in the water, previous snorkel experience helps, although we will do some snorkel practice before we get to the dolphin grounds so everyone can get used to the equipment, which is provided. Also, you never have to get in the water if you don't want to. Watching the dolphins from the boat is an awesome experience. Dolphin boat trips last 3-4 hours, weather permitting.

      What do I need to bring?

      A journal is an essential item to bring to Bimini Bliss Dolphin Retreat. Sunblock, hats, bug spray and sunglasses are also necessary. Bring comfortable clothes for Connect Circles and lounging, a bathing suit or two, and whatever warm-weather clothes you like to wear. Bring toiletries, a camera and a book, if you like to read. If you forget something, you can most likely get a replacement on the island, but remember that this is a small, quiet island, not a bustling metropolis, so choices may be slim.

      How much cash do I need?

      Many local island establishments only accept cash. Taxis to and fro anywhere on the island are $5 per person. Or sometimes you can snag a free ride in a golf cart, the main island vehicle! There is shopping at the straw market, so bring cash if you like to buy souvenirs, dresses, hats, etc. Or if you prefer high end shopping there are shops at Resort World just down the street. Special treatments and private sessions are extra as well. There is an ATM on the island if you need it, and the Bahamian dollar is interchangeable with the American dollar. However the fees can be high to get USD, so plan accordingly. There will be time in South Beach to go to the Citibank ATM which is nearby. If you need to know more contact teresa@voiceyourlife.com.

      Is there a hospital on the island?

      There is a clinic right down the street that handles everything from coughs to broken bones. If you need urgent, specialized medical attention for any reason, there is a medical helicopter that will bring you to FL or Nassau very quickly. It is highly recommended you get Travelers Insurance for the trip.

      Is there wifi? 

      To access Bliss Brain you are encouraged to unplug and take a break from your regular stresses, with an opportunity to become aware of your regular inner dialogue so you can choose to give it a rest too. Don't worry, be happy! Choosing times of silence help shift "normal" brain waves into bliss waves. However, we do understand that some people may need to check in with work or kids and there is wifi to accommodate those needs.

      Extra food and special diets

      All food is ordered way in advance of retreats, so we need to know ASAP if you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements in order to accommodate you. Please don't think its ok to let us know right before you arrive! Menus are planned and purchased in advance, so let us know as early as possible and we will do what we can to make sure you are catered for. The menu is mostly vegan and vegetarian and organic where possible, with wheat and gluten free options. If you have extra special requirements you are encouraged to bring your own snacks with you. Only herbal teas, that have no caffeine, are available. So if you require black tea or coffee, please bring it with you.

      Where's the beach?

      A lovely very secluded beach is right across the road. The accommodations are on the Bay side of North Bimini, and have stunning views of the sunrise. Bimini is very small and nothing is far away! The accommodations all face the Bay and water. There are sun loungers to relax on. You will always remember the views!

      Sign me up! What’s the price for Bimini Bliss Retreat?

      Contact me for prices when you have the number of people and how many days you want to be in paradise. The retreat price varies based on occupancy and number of Dolphin Trips.


      Prior to booking we need to confirm the validity of your Passport for entry into the Bahamas.

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